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1.      The seller guarantees that the puppy has been vet checked and has been deemed to be in good health by a licensed veterinarian.  A current record of vaccinations, worming, dewclaw removal, and tail docking will be provided at the time of sale.  Seller will refund 100% of the purchase price if the buyer has the puppy vet checked within one week of purchased and a licensed veterinarian deems the puppy to be unhealthy.  The puppy must be immediately returned to the seller if such a condition occurs.

2.      The seller guarantees that the puppy is clear of hip dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, and PFK until the age of 18 months.  Buyer is responsible for paying veterinary expenses to verify condition.  Veterinarian must provide written documentation to seller of diagnosis.  If such condition occurs, seller agrees to refund $200 of original purchase price once the puppy has been verified as spayed or neutered.

3.      Seller will provide a registration form at the time of sale with which the puppy may be fully registered with the American Kennel Club.

4.      Buyer agrees to notify and give seller first right of refusal if they are no longer able to keep the puppy for the duration of the puppy’s life. 

5.      Buyer agrees to furnish reasonable veterinary care for the puppy, to include: vaccinations, worming, heartworm preventative, and other care as deemed reasonable by the puppy’s veterinarian.

6.      Buyer agrees to keep puppy in good physical weight and condition to help alleviate any health problems.

7.      Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy’s tail at “field bred” dock length.

8.      Seller agrees to sell the puppy for the amount of $                                 .

9.      Buyer agrees to pay $                           non-refundable deposit for puppy, and agrees to pay the balance of the purchase price before receiving the puppy.

10.    Seller agrees to release the puppy at the age of 7 weeks once this contract is signed, and either cash has been received or the check clears the bank.

11.    If the buyer does not abide by the above stated items as listed in this contract, the buyer agrees to pay the seller an additional sum of $200.

Buyer Signature:                                                                                   Date:                           

Seller Signature:                                                                                    Date:                           


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